Commonly Asked Questions about the Two Week Wait

Can I exercise?

Absolutely. You can maintain mild to moderate exercise during this time. Exercise is good for reproductive health. Exercise is an excellent way of managing anxiety.

What should I eat?

Maintain good general nutrition. Mediterranean style eating is likely to be beneficial for reproductive health. Avoid excess caffeine. Avoid alcohol.

Will stress stop the embryo implanting?

There is no consistent evidence that stress will stop the embryo from implanting. Keep in mind that embryo implantation is a very complex process that occurs at a microscopic level. Embryo factors are responsible for the majority of unsuccessful cycles and these are out of your control.

Things to keep in mind:

The two-week wait is a tough time. Time feels like it has slowed down, emotions can be all over the place. It is a good idea to try to be mindful of the things that you choose to do in this time. Consider what makes you feel more positive and what makes the time more difficult. Try to do something positive each day i.e. exercise, relaxation, getting outdoors. Be careful about how much time you spend researching on the Internet. It can become very emotionally exhausting (this advice comes from personal experience!). Try to avoid frequent and/or early pregnancy testing if you can. Keep in mind that IVF medications can create side effects that are similar to pregnancy symptoms. Please stay in touch with the team if you are experiencing difficulties or have questions.

Looking After Yourself When Trying to Conceive

Infertility can produce a significant life crisis. The experience of infertility impacts on self-esteem, relationships, sexual intimacy, friendships and can even extend into the workplace. Common experiences include anger, feelings of isolation and a sense that life is “on hold”. It is important that fertility care provides attention and support to this crisis. The team at QFG Cairns includes an experienced fertility counsellor. After hours education sessions are also available to people undergoing IVF focussing on relaxation techniques and self care.

Pregnancy Loss - Recurrent Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, After Stillbirth

Couples who have experienced pregnancy loss walk a different road in pregnancy. In this setting, early pregnancy can produce fear and distress rather than the joyful feelings that many newly pregnant couples experience. Dr Anne provides a patient centred model of early pregnancy care in this setting. This means that women can develop a plan for early pregnancy monitoring in partnership with their doctor. Counselling with our fertility counsellor is also available. Please see fact sheet “Recurrent miscarriage” for more information on testing and managing this condition.